Chronic knee problems can be extremely debilitating and tremendously limit your lifestyle when you suffer with it.

Maybe you have been told you need surgery or that you are “bone on bone.” We pride ourselves on being able to help those who consider us their “last resort.” Generally speaking, most of our knee patients have been dealing with knee problems for a significant period of time.

It may be true that you have arthritis in your knees or they pop and click when you walk. But there may be more to your knee problem than meets the eye. We will do a thorough assessment of all nerve function in the lower extremities, reflexes, muscular control and balance of the lower legs, hip and sacroiliac function and even the configuration of your feet. All of these factors can play into a knee problem.

After we have done a full assessment we will let you know if you qualify for our knee program. If you do, your care program may consist of one or more of the following:

  • Decompression therapy
  • MLS Laser Therapy
  • PEMF therapy
  • Knee alignments
  • Knee joint neuromuscular rebalancing
  • Spinal alignment
  • Hip alignments
  • Rebuilder therapy

Our Goal of Care

If we accept you for care, our goal will be to:

  • Help you to avoid surgery
  • Tremendously decrease or completely eliminate pain
  • Improve your stability and motion

If for any reason we believe your knee problem is too serious for this program to correct, we will tell you.

In fact, if you see NO results after two treatments, we won’t accept you for care.

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