Our Mission is to Provide Relief and Assist in the Restoration of Your Health, Without the Use of Drugs or Surgery.

As a functional chiropractic clinic, we strive to treat your health problem by addressing any interference in your nerve system whether it is a result of spinal misalignments, proprioception problems, nerve impingements, nutritional deficiencies, brain injuries without the use of drugs or surgery. We even consider how your emotions might be contributing to your pain.

Your health is comprised of one third proper, balanced structure, one third balanced chemistry/nutrition and one third balanced emotions/mental state. You can not separate the three. All three are like spokes in a wheel and each is completely dependent on the other.

To be truly healthy and balanced you must correct and balance all three aspects.

Your nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your body. If you are experiencing interference within your nervous system, whether it is occurring at the spine, or at some other level of the nervous system, this interference will affect all the functions of your body, including the regulation of your hormones and your feelings of happiness. It is the job of the functional chiropractor to determine the cause of this interference and correct them without the use of drugs or surgery (this is most commonly accomplished through adjustments of the body’s structural imbalances). Structural misalignments can affect the circulation of blood and other fluids to and from the brain, causing a disfunction of bodily function. Of course, we all know that structural misalignments can cause a person to feel pain which is certainly going to affect mood and chemistry.

If your chemistry, or nutrition is imbalanced, your digestion will be affected, but so will your mood be altered. Serious nutritional deficiencies cause severe structural deformities such as diseases like rickets and scurvy. Many inflammatory conditions which affect the deformity of the joints like rheumatoid arthritis and gout are rooted in dietary sensitivities.

Your emotional state will have an effect on your entire health too. If you are depressed and sad, you will sit with your shoulders rolled forward and your head slumped. Being sad will also affect your appetite and hormones like cortisol and testosterone.

We consider all three aspects of your health by addressing each one, helping you to recharge your health down to the cellular level, refuel your health with proper hydration and nutrition and restore your health by addressing structural and mechanical misalignments and reframing your emotions.

Restore Your Health

This is accomplished by addressing your structure and function through chiropractic adjustments (Upper Cervical and Activator Methods®), spinal decompression (as needed) and natural foot care (as needed).

We strive to give you the perfect chiropractic adjustment. What is a “perfect” chiropractic adjustment?

  • gentle
  • minimal force
  • uniquely tailored to you
  • precise
  • corrective

The perfect chiropractic adjustment is the adjustment that your body needs right at that moment. At Hambrick Chiropractic we incorporate techniques that allow us to evaluate you on each visit to determine what kind of an adjustment you need and precisely where and how to adjust.

Everyday of your life is different, you experience different challenges and obstacles to optimal health, so every visit to our office is unique and different.

Once we’ve determined how to treat you, we use the latest in chiropractic technology to precisely and gently correct your spine.

And that’s the real difference. Our goal is to make corrections to your misalignments so that the real healing can begin. We have no desire to continually adjust and adjust your body over and over and over again because the chiropractic adjustment is not that great of a thing… holding the adjustment is what’s really powerful.

Also under the category of restoring your health, we also consider emotional conflicts that are contributing to your health condition. This can be touchy, but needs to be considered in order for your health to be completely balanced. We are NOT psychologists, and we are NOT spiritual advisors, but we are able to make connections between structural and chemical imbalances and emotional conflicts.

German New Medicine is a system for understanding why certain ailments affect certain people, and merely making the connection between an emotional conflict and a physical malady can be very helpful for healing.

Recharge Your Health

This is accomplished through the use of modalities such as PEMF therapy and with MLS Laser therapy which literally recharges each cell of your body.

A normal healthy cell has a voltage of about 70 millivolts and when an area of your body is ill or injured, the cells making up that part of your body will have dropped in voltage.

Recharging your cells to their normal energetic level will help to offset illness or injury.

So the modalities we use not only reduce pain and inflammation, but also serve to facilitate tissue healing.

When your nerves are diminished, such as in the case of peripheral neuropathy, we use the Rebuilder to reactivate those nerves to restore their function.

Refuel Your Health

We assess your nutrition through various diagnostic studies, including Meridian Autonomic Testing, or M.A.T, ZYTO scan and SmartPulse HRV assessment.

M.A.T. is a type of kinesiology that allows us to test each of your body systems to determine their balance and state of health, as well as what type of nutrition you are lacking and would bring back to a state of health.

ZYTO scan is an electro-dermal screening tool utilized to assess your overall health. ZYTO uses 120 biomarkers to assess the health of your organs and systems, giving us a thorough picture of your structural, nutritional and emotional well being.

SmartPulse HRV utilizes heart rate variability to assess your cardiovascular health.

We also make dietary and hydration recommendations tailored specifically to you and your health needs.

If this philosophy resonates with you, and you are interested in restoring, recharging and refueling your health, without the means of drugs or surgery, please contact our office at 417-935-2471 to schedule an appointment

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